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Officer Training Academy
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Enrollment begins Jan. 2, 2024  


Officer Training Academy (OTA) is an interactive online course that will provide you with opportunities to hone your leadership skills and gain the knowledge you need to be successful in your officer role. OTA is completely virtual with a mixture of self-driven online learning and facilitated virtual meetings with a trained alumni facilitator and other undergraduate officers from Fraternity chapters throughout North America.

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Beginning Jan. 2, all officers elected since Nov. 1 will be auto-enrolled in Officer Training Academy and assigned on-demand e-learning items to complete. All enrolled officers will have 30 days to complete the e-learning from the time it is assigned. Afterward, they will be assigned a facilitator and officer discussion group that will serve as a system of support throughout the duration of their officer term.

Officer Training Academy connects undergraduate Sigma Chis to the people, tools and resources that they will need to be successful in their chapter officer roles. It is a must-attend training and onboarding for any officer who is looking to take his Fraternity chapter to the next level.
-Officer Training Academy Co-chairman and Order of Constantine Sig Jim Connell, CAL. STATE-SAN BERNARDINO 1996

One of the features we see undergraduate brothers benefit from is our live sessions. The interaction and best practices shared among officers from different chapters at each live session creates long term contacts, friendships and a circle to rely on throughout the year. There's different focus areas for each session.

Officer Training Academy Co-chairman Robbie Kimbrough, CHARLESTON 2005


Complete a variety of modules that are self-driven, online learning, designed to provide you the knowledge you need to be successful in your role as an officer and leader at your Chapter.

Explore our officer guides and resources available to you here before and after Officer Training Academy.
You will have the opportunity to meet virtually with your assigned facilitators and fellow officer peers to discuss what you have learned and how to prepare for the year ahead.


Who can attend?

Beginning Jan. 2, all brothers who have since Nov. 1, 2023, been elected to the offices of Consul, Pro Consul, Quaestor, Magister, recruitment chairman, risk management chairman and Kustos/Ritual chairman will be auto-enrolled in Officer Training Academy and assigned on-demand e-learning items to complete. 

Officer roles eligible for Officer Training Academy are Consul, Pro Consul, Magister, Quaestor, recruitment chairman, risk management chairman and Kustos/Ritual chairm.

How do I join training and discussion groups?

Enrollment for Officer Training Academy begins Jan. 2 and will continue on the 1st and 15th of every month going forward. All officers enrolled in on-demand learning are expected to complete the curriculum on their own within 30 days. Once completed, they will be added to the next available officer-specific discussion group on the 1st or 7th of the upcoming month. Once added to their small group, officers will be contacted by their facilitator to coordinate their first meeting time and date. The discussion groups will meet more frequently at the beginning of the training but will continue to meet throughout the duration of each officer's term so that community and collaboration can be built.

OTA vs Krach TLW?

Officer Training Academy (OTA) is an online officer training course aimed at providing you the knowledge and skills you need to be successful in your officer role. Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop (TLW) is a three-day leadership conference where undergraduate Sigma Chis have the opportunity to earn certificates from Sigma Chi Leadership Institute. Trying to register for Krach TLW? Please visit the website by clicking here.

Team OTA

Co-chairman: Jim Connell, CAL. STATE-SAN BERNARDINO 1996
Co-chairman: Robbie Kimbrough, CHARLESTON 2005
Coordinating Leader: 
Jeff Twibell, CALIFORNIA-DAVIS 1999
Consul Team Lead: Gregg Hoss, MONTANA 1995
Pro Consul Team Lead: Kevin Durkee, WESTERN CONNECTICUT 2018
Quaestor Team Lead: Stuart Walters, TENNESSEE-CHATTANOOGA 2001
 Magister Team Lead: Bobby Juchem, IDAHO 1997
Recruitment Team Lead: Jeremy Lakroni, OTTAWA 2019
Expansion Team Lead: Isaac Chavez, TARLETON STATE 2000
Risk Management Team Lead: Chris Geggie, WABASH 2008
Kustos/Ritual Team Lead: Glen Sirles, TEXAS TECH 1972
Grand Praetor Rep.: Walt Cooner, EMORY 1974
Executive Committee Rep.:
Kellen Brown, DEPAUL 2023

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64th Grand Consul
Keith Krach
Sigma Chi Foundation
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